How to Make a Move

We know what it takes to make a move successful, and our experience shows that it is well worth the investment in moving and storage services. Countless hours go into the planning and preparation of each move. We use only the highest quality companies with a proven track record of service, reliability, and security.

Whichever type of office relocation you require, we have the resources and skills to help you make the right decision.

IN furniture, we have the specialty of hiring artisans to provide custom designed furniture, so no matter how much or little of an office you need, a unique piece will be created to suit your space.

Next, we focus on your space. Many companies choose us for in-house moving services. We have a specialize in small spaces, from 1-800 square feet and larger spaces ranging from 1500-2500 square feet. If you need something customized, we can even create a space just for you.

Stock photos, moving boxes, and delivery estimates are available to give you a better idea of the overall cost. We can also create completely custom moving forms that will help you save time and apply just the right amount of pressure to seal the relocation. We work closely with the United States’ Post Office and local couriers to secure your new location as smoothly as possible.

Managing your time and costs is always an important consideration in making the right decision for your office. With our professional services and highly skilled assistance, you can free up time and resources for critical work you need to focus on.

Becoming a part-time or temporary office manager has never been easier or more rewarding. The knowledge of an in-house expert makes temporary office managers emergent and allows them to take charge of their business. However temporary office manager is not the same as going on a full-time office job.

Taking over day-to-day administrative duties can involve significant amounts of work. Temporary offices are generally set up to help people who have special needs and cannot effectively work along with others. Other than requiring persons with physical handicaps to assist in their offices, other than requiring persons with mental handicaps to assist in their offices, we can generally divide our assistive spaces into four categories:

If you find that someone with a handicap needs additional assistance, we can design the kind of office or space that will best accommodate their special needs.

For example, if a person has a disability and requires the use of a handicap accessible parking spaces, this person will not have to worry about finding street parking or private parking garages. Additionally, if the person requires oxygen or medical oxygen, this individual will not have to worry about or have to call airlines.

We can design our spaces according to the individual’s mobility and need. design office spaces such as helpdesk, receptionist, and library to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. Provide tough, durable, light weight shift calenders and other mobility aids, all in a range of bright colors to help persons with disabilities easily maintain their function. We can also design our own indoor transit shelter or turn a treadmilled transit shelter into a shelter for handicap parking.

Take handicap transportation with you as you work at your new office. Create a chore, such as recording handicap parking spaces to ensure that the right people with the right equipment is not left behind. Be sure also to take accessories, such as ramps and lifts, without which handicap parking spaces can be inaccessible.

When handicap access makes for long-term parking, park in handicap spaces.ARKA, the association of handicapped persons, has designated handicap parking spots at twenty-six public stations for overnight stay in those vehicles with handicap-approval.

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