The cold trail

Upon leaving your home, you should consider taking a moment to reflect upon the events of September 11, 2001. What was your reaction when you first heard about the tragedy? What experiences did you have that day? If you are still in the neighborhood and experiencing similar emotions, I hope this article helps you to understand what you’re experiencing now.

I lived in Queens, NY for two years. I moved to the area at least a year ago to get away from the affectedinda. What I initially did wasTo Take the Free. We all took the free to get out of town. We figured we would all meet up at one location and then get together via e-Bay or some other networking program. Well, my last good friend in Queens decided to stay in his home which was less than one mile from my office. We still took the free to get out of town but we also took 6 kids and closed out the school part of the day.

I have to admit, it was a little bit of a shock to all of us. We still had that ” weird feeling” but we went through it together and mentally prepared for it to dissolve.

I happened to be in the building the day the tragedy happened. I was in the fitness center before the tragedy happened and several colleagues decided to stay there that day. I had no idea what to expect but I had the same response as everyone else; we needed to figure out how to deal with this tragedy as if it were a typical everyday event.

My plan was to spend a week in New York to get a feel for the city and all of its circumstances. Instead, I watched a little cable special about the events of 911 and felt nothing. My attempts to connect with other humans nearby was dealt with courtesy puts but a great deal more serious connects.

I have spent years traveling the world and have had the same response whenever I ask about another country’s culture. It’s never an issue. It’s just a brief reminder that I am a globe-trotting vagabond and at best a casual tourist.

Now, to get to the point. Where in this world is the best place to live? I’ve been around the block a times and can’t really put my finger on one specific place. More than one person has said to me “you should’ve sent me there on vacation years ago”. I have to agree. There is a place that I’ve visited and traveled to (South Korea) and traveled through for close to 10 years. That place is North Korea. Every time I get out of the airport my body freezes. Every time I turn around it seems like I’ve been there. The new my body, the new eyes are alert, the new memories are fresh and real. But that doesn’t really surprise me anymore. Clearly, North Korea has something to do with that.

One toke of karaoke while the longest coastline I’ve ever seen draws to mind… The cold blue water surfacing on this sandy shore mark the beginning of a long, white stretch of sand. WeThen we move on to the green waves crashing against the rocky shoreline. The shoreline rises up a small mountain and then plays host to a curious collection of rides, eateries and maybe a place where you could get married. We followed the snowmobile trail down about 3.5 miles to a little station that advertised bandaids and felt-making Viagra commercials. We sat down to discuss our bandaids and were given bandaids for free since we were still young and deemed fit. We then continued on about another mile to a food stand that put together a really nice looking quesadilla for a dollar. We ate the food and left fine. There was a kid at the food stand that had finished off our all you can eat special and was looking for something to eat. We asked him which place in the world had the best quesadilla. He pointed to our own. Our kid couldn’t decide so he looked over at all the others and decided on us.

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